Friday, January 25, 2013

An Evening of Splendor at Panambur


     The day, 24.01.2013 witnessed a great evening at Panambur, with a splendid cultural event at Jawaharlal Centenary Hall, Panambur, Mangalore. The main event was the final rehearsal of the Ports Cultural Team, who were on their preparations to perform at Kolkata Port Trust, during the Major Ports Cultural Events. 

     This is a platform, where the Port Employees, Officers, Children form a united team, which practices, nurtures and presents their talents in front of the country, at various events held at inter-port levels, all over India.

    There was a cultural dance, depicting the culture and tradition of Karnataka, well known for its many beaches and more importantly "One State- Many Worlds" tag, which means we are full of talents of various kinds across the state.

 To add a twist of flavour to the event, there was a Yakshagana play amidst the traditional dance, which enthralled the audience for a while and there was a showering round of claps when this started.

     There was a scene depicting Asura Samhaara by Devi, which caught much of the audience's attention, with the dress, the cultural flavour in the artists attire, all of which made me stand up to the respect of our culture.

    It was a really thrilling moment, when Mahishaasura, emerged from the audience and the entire crowd was stunned for a moment, by his appearance, which was mesmerizing to witness.

     I was literally stunned with the way the final rehearsals are being exhibited, with so much of passion, courage and confidence in the artists eyes, with a blend of naturality and simplicity in their respective role in the event. 

     To the valediction of the dance event, witnessed a Mahishaasura Vadhe or Mahishaasura Samhaara, the end of the demon Mahishaasura, which was again much enthralling to watch and the audience eventually became involved with the event, which began with such a splendid manner.

 Followed by the dance event, there was a Instrumental Music, followed by a Shastriya  singing by the Port Team, which added a blend of multi-linguistic flavour to the 90 minute cultural event, with the audience left in a surprise, about the next event.

     There was a good synchronisation of different artists, in different instruments, which again added to the flavour of this wonderful evening, which I never witnessed earlier.

     Followed by the Instrumental Music, there was a Shastriya Sangeetha Singing, which took the audience to a different world, with the song tone which was well synchronised with musical flavour.

    To the surprise of the audience, there was another mesmerizing play on "Alexander the Great", which literally kept the audience focused on the stage. The performance, was a wonderfully executed effort of the Port Cultural Team, with so much courage and confidence to face the Major Ports Cultural Event, I was taken away for a moment, with their outstanding performance of rehearsals. 


     For a few minutes, I thought as if I am witnessing this event in Kolkata, as it appealed to me very much and also to the audience, who were as attracted to the play, as much I was.

   I am very happy with the performance of the Port Cultural Team, whom I wish a great success in their Major Ports Cultural Event at Kolkata. I was literally taken away to a different world by their spirits and courage, with a perfect eye-contact with the audience, which made them thrilled and focused to the stage.
     I have used a Canon EF 300mm F4L IS USM and Canon EF 75-300mm iii lenses, interchangeably, on my Canon EOS 7D,with an experimentation of Pop-up Flash and it has exceeded my expectations. I thank the Port Cultural Team for inviting me to witness their final rehearsals, which enthralled me more than any other event witnessed by me in my life.
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