Friday, November 7, 2014

Adventure is not in anything, its in Everything we do

A Day in Life, worth Living for Adventure...

     Me, my two friends Jairaj and Vijay Kumar, planned a trip to Dandeli for some weekend adventure. It was a hot beginning of winter in Mangalore and we really wanted to take a break from all the heat and tiredness of Mangalore. We had indeed planned well, many days in advance for this vacation and we were expecting it again in our lives.  Adventure gives us so much of energy, that we feel like living the rest of the life in the arms of Adventure. So long as it gives us energy, inspiration and motivation in life, we continue to live with Adventure, untill we breathe our last.

    The Day came, we started at 3:30am in the morning on 25th October 2014, just because our check-in time was 12pm in the afternoon. We did reach before hand, at 11:00am in Dandeli, welcomed by wonderful roads all through the trip and the lush greenery of Dandeli, the winter setting in there, all for the good. We did experience rains during our trip, quite continuously. But first, we managed to proceed towards the Sykes Point, Dandeli, the Sunset Point of Dandeli standing at 1557 feet above sea level, where we get the Breath-taking view of the valley, the deep waters of Kali river which is black in color. It was misty there as you can see from the picture below. We were welcomed by Mist, Freshness of Environment and it was a God's Gift to the people who want to spend weekends in such amazing way. Four images below were taken from Sykes Point, using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2..


Vijay Kumar, Jairaj Jogi, my friends who wanted a Weekend Adventure, and its interesting to see the Excitement in them

I am excited too... 
     We enjoyed the evening of Water Rafting, River Jacuzi and some boating against the tides of Kali Waters, which were quite challenging tasks, as the climate was cool due to rains, and it gave us all the energy to paddle the boat against the tides, and we did it..!!!

     Thereafter, we proceeded to Supa Dam and then we went towards the backwaters of Supa Dam, a picturesque habitat of nature. Here are a few pictures from the backwaters on our way back, as we hadn't carried our cameras and phones due to water sport activity during the evenings. 

Adventure is not in anything, its in Everything we do.. !!!

    We checked out of our Homestay, Kali Adventures, Dandeli at 10:00am, we went through the Karwar route from Dandeli as we wanted to enjoy some landscapes while on our way back. Though we were first time visitors, Google Maps helped us all the way from Mangalore to Dandeli and also on our way back to Mangalore via Karwar.. We came through these places, which can be seen below:-

Wildlife Crossing time, so brake for them.. 

     Then, we reached this small hut, called as the Home of Forest Herbs, and is named as "Kaadu Mane". It was quite dark inside, but it was actually a store of Forest Herbs, and all items made out of Tree roots, and most of them were of high medicinal properties and completely natural. Here's a Glimpse of the Kaadu Mane, near Joida, Dandeli..

     We later proceeded towards Anshi National Park area, and on our way near the National Park, we did hear pretty loudly an Owl's call 5-6 times, and later found the call to be Brown Hawk Owl's call. Then after scanning around the forests, we proceeded further as the call stopped for a long time. Later we ended up in a Picturesque scenario of Nigundi Falls, which comes in the vicinity of Anshi Tiger Reserve, Dandeli. 

Nigundi Falls, from the Panoramic Watch Point..

     Later we moved on to Karwar for lunch, the Amruth Hotel which served us some fish and sea food delicacies which were mouth watering at the time of Hunger in the afternoon.. On our way back we did spend some time here and there taking pictures in spectacular landscapes on the way. No worries, the highways were at their amazing state and we never felt tired in our entire journey. 

Karwar Beach area

Eastern Landscape from Ankola Bridge

Western Landscape from Ankola Bridge

Scenic landscape near Kundapur, which would enthrall any nature lover for its amazing sunsets..
     We would proudly say, we never had a trip of this kind in life, and will always want to go around and experience life this way. Life always inspires us to go ahead, and many a times it shows us to live life with Adventure.. Thats why I and we firmly believe, 
"Adventure is not in anything, its in Everything we do.."

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